Max Polyakov on Making the Dogs Ready to Take Part in a State Competition

Max Polyakov revealed that if pets get coached, they can behave properly in every environment. That training they receive teaches them how to behave whenever human beings or different creatures are present. With this, they will always feel comfortable especially when engaging in sports.

Max Polyakov on Making the Dogs Ready to Take Part in a State Competition

Coaching pets

1. Coaching tips

Max Polyakov said that trainers should only start training a dog after getting clearance from an expert. Animal experts are the only people that will confirm if the dog is in a good position to play a game or not. He/she can additionally suggest the type of games which suit a pet.

2. Coaching duration

Max Polyakov mentioned that the training should not last for long especially at the beginning when the pet has not become familiar with exercising. Around ten to fifteen minutes are enough and the trainer may expand the session later when a dog gets used to being trained.

If the coaching is done for much time in the beginning, say one hour, a dog can get tired and can eventually lose interest and can even become violent.

3. Teaching skills

Max Polyakov discourages teaching the pet when you do not possess any required training skills. Untrained individuals might not know how to treat a pet and they can even cause some injuries.

4. Dog sports

This sport encompasses guiding a pet via barriers with signals and sound. The accuracy of a pet and the duration it takes to finish is what determines the winner in the game. The obstacles are things such as a crossover, tunnel, and a seesaw.

5. Jumping

Max Polyakov stated that there are various methods of showing the pet how to jump. But, in every method, the person teaching a dog must keep on adding the size of the jump and must make it complicated every time. That can make a pet gain confidence and it will also be able to acquire the strength needed to jump.

6. Flyball

Flyball sport entails running via obstacles. The pets get divided into 2 groups (each having 4 pets). The pets are required to jump many times and the distance jumped is determined by the smallest pet.

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Max Polyakov ends his coaching advice by mentioning that dog owners should consider attending several games with the pets and see which ones they like. But still, the veterinarian must also confirm whether the dog is capable of participating in sports.

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