Max Polyakov: Ways to Prepare Your Dog to Perform in the State Sports

Max Polyakov: Ways to Prepare Your Dog to Perform in the State Sports

Max Polyakov believes that if you coach the dog, it can be able to act properly in any situation. The dogs which know what to do when other animals or people are around will never feel uneasy whenever they engage in sports.

Coaching the Dog

1.Ensuring a Fruitful Training


Max Polyakov believes that when one coaches an animal whose health condition is unknown, he/she could be putting it in danger and it might not perform well in any sport. He recommends visiting an expert to have an animal checked whether it is capable of engaging in a contest.

Brief coaching periods

If the coaching lasts for too long, a dog might become exhausted and lose interest. Max Polyakov suggests increasing the time spent on this exercise only after a pet has gotten used to getting coached.

Coaching techniques

Max Polyakov persists that if you notice that your dog is not responding positively to your training, change the coaching style, otherwise you will be wasting your time.

Coaching knowledge

Max Polyakov does not recommend coaching an animal if you have not taken any training lessons or have never coached any animal before. If you lack the necessary coaching skills, you will never know how to handle the animal properly and that may cause injuries.

Sports Which Dogs Can Be Taught to Play


This is a game that entails directing the dog through obstacles with sound and signs. A dog scores as per how long it takes and how accurately it plays. The barriers in this sport include a tunnel, a seesaw, a dog walk, and a crossover.

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According to Max Polyakov, there exist many styles of showing a dog how to jump. In every kind of style, the trainer needs to continue enlarging the length and making it difficult. That is what makes dogs remain confident and they are also able to gain strength.


This is a running sport which has obstacles. Two teams each with four dogs take part in this game. The dogs perform several leaps and the length of the leap is determined by the smallest dog in the teams.


Max Polyakov concludes by saying that before training an animal, you must attend various sports with it in order to determine the one that it loves. What’s more, when you visit a veterinarian, he/she may also advise you the best game for the animal.

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