The Advice of dog trainer Max Polyakov on Preparing the Dog for a Competition

dog trainer Max Polyakov


Max Polyakov revealed that the main thing when training your pet for a game is the training strategy and attention to detail. Trainers should consider the pet’s health condition, diet, how long it sleeps and the amount of training it undergoes.

Preparing pets for a contest

a) Benefits of teaching pets

1.Establishing a good relationship

Max Polyakov believes that the best way to establish a perfect relationship with dogs is through training. During training, people discover how dogs learn and they will be able to determine the best methods to make the teaching successful. The best training makes a dog behave well leading to a nice relationship based on confidence and respect.

2.Instilling surviving ways

A dog needs to learn how to cope in a human environment. Trained dogs find it easy to cope with the pressure on the human environment. Teaching a pet simple manners and offering it enough mental enhancement and body exercises lowers tension and every other pressure issues.

b) What makes the training simple

1.Health check up

Max Polyakov insists that the first thing all pet owners must do before starting any exercises is to have the pet’s medical status checked by an expert. An expert is also the best individual to determine what kind of competitions will suit a pet.

2.Actual training

Max Polyakov advises that planning how the teaching will happen, ensuring the activity is fun and short and practising always can make the teaching simple.

c) Examples of games which pets can be prepared for

1.Agility exercise

Any pet which is above eighteen months can take part in agility training. This activity contains barriers which include: weave poles, dog walk, standard leaps, pause table, tunnel, tire pump and teeterboards.

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Max Polyakov recommends that pets which enjoy chasing after tennis balls should be prepared for a Flyball game. In this game, the pets are divided into teams of four and then they jump barriers to get the ball that gets released from a box anytime one steps on a pad.

3.Dock diving

This competition takes place at a water body. The dogs jump and the one that makes the longest jump becomes the winner. Max Polyakov stated that all kinds of dogs can take part in this game but the big genres such as golden retrievers are mostly recommended.


Max Polyakov concludes by saying that, never force a dog into a game that does not suit it.

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